Programme Information
AgriVenture Programmes and Packages
Our programmes are designed to suit your experience and ambition, covering a wide range of programme opportunities.
You decide on the length of your AgriVenture programme, depending on your country and programme selection.

Wherever you go in the world, with AgriVenture you won't be alone. From your application to arriving back home, we take care of all of the details needed for you, so you don't have to – tickets, work permits and insurance etc.

Without exception, all AgriVenture placements are made within a professional business. Placements are available in almost all kinds of Agricultural & Horticultural business sectors. Agriculture covers all elements of livestock and cropping enterprises. Horticulture offers a range of other options such as flower production and vegetable enterprises.

We are happy to look into specialist placements when requested such as golf courses, conservation, equine, viticulture and bees. This may require recruitment of new hosts therefore we cannot guarantee all requests can be granted.

Wherever possible we will match your expectations with availability in your chosen country.
AgriVenture Flex Programmes
If the timings of our programmes do not fit your plans, we offer 'Flex' programmes which are just that, flexible. We will do our best to arrange a programme that will be built around you.
So what do you have to do?
Look over the rest of the information detailed on the website and then get in touch with us!

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