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AgriVenture Host Families
Welcome to the world of IAEA!
We offer a fantastic opportunity for you to host an IAEA Trainee from one of our AgriVenture programmes. You not only get that extra pair of hands to help you through your busier times but also get an understanding of the culture and working practices of a different country.

All professionally run and managed on your behalf. Established in 1965 the organisation has now helped over thirty thousand young people put the world at their feet. Today the Association operates in 23 different countries around the world, servicing Offices in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, the UK along with the sub-offices in most other participating countries.

The principal of IAEA and Agriventure programmes is based around everyone participating as a member of the organisation. Trainees who apply for a programme become a member as part of the programme package and placements are made with those IAEA registered members/businesses.

Virtually every placement we offer is different, in some way. Part of the administration process is to assess the needs of each hosting placement, with the requests from the individual Trainees. This enables us to match the requirements on both sides.

Your first step in being able to host an overseas Trainee, will be to apply by completing the Host Family Application below. As a host, you will be helping to create and foster a better understanding between people from different countries around the world, particularly in the following ways:
  • By giving a young person the opportunity to live and train with a host placement that is interested in the aims and objectives of the Association.
  • By helping a young person obtain a better understanding of the culture, language and agriculture of a different country.
Once you have decided to become a host, you will be visited by an interviewer who will explain the aims and objectives of the Association and assess your suitability as a potential placement. The interviewer will also be in a position to answer any immediate questions that you may have about the programme.
To register to become a host family please fill in our simple form and a representative from AgriVenture will contact you shortly.

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