AgriVenture Alumni
Wow, every day was amazing... many stories!
You have returned from an experience of a lifetime and we would like to help you stay in contact and meet others who have experienced the same as you. You can do this through our Past Trainee network of country Alumni Associations.

The Alumni Association membership is made up of the Trainees who completed their programmes overseas and have returned home. The Association's function is to assist with the general running, improvement and promotion of the IAEA AgriVenture programs. As well, members assist with screening of potential trainees and help with the information meetings and orientation seminars. As part of this role, the Association maintains communication amongst Past Trainees, current Trainees and Host Families.

One of the main roles of an Alumni Association is to get together with other Past Trainees and where possible arrange social activities for existing Trainees. Depending on the size of the country, this is done on a National or Regional basis. These are great times and give everyone an opportunity to get together in a social atmosphere and talk about their experiences on the programme.

Don't let the experience stop when you get home.....join the Alumni!
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